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The first visit could take up to a couple of hours depending on the severity of your case. After completing the paperwork, the doctor will sit down and discuss with you what the problem areas are and what he can do to help them.  Dr. Nielsen will then perform a thorough orthopedic examination, testing your vital signs, range of motion, nerve conductivity, along with disc issues and a variety of other tests and procedures to determine where your specific issue originates from.  If Dr. Nielsen feels it is necessary to have x-rays in order to further assist with accurately diagnosing your complaint, then x-rays will be taken on sight.  After x-ray, if x-rays are needed, then you will be sent to an adjusting room to experience your chiropractic adjustment. If Dr. Nielsen feels that a therapy would properly compliment your adjustment that will also be done at this time.  Please realize that if you have any questions along the way feel free to ask at any time.  

Please fill out the following forms and bring with you on your first visit:

Case Study
Consent For Treatment And X-rays
Privacy Practices Acknowledgement and Reminder
Patient Information Release Consent Form
Consent For Treatment Of A Minor
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