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December, 2007, my back gave out. I had to use a walker and could not stand up or lay down without
my husbands help. I couldn’t do anything and was housebound. Doctor’s gave me 2 options, either back
surgery or epidural shots. Neither of those were an option for me after many years of surgeries.

In late March our newspaper had Dr, Dusty Nielsen’s ad that offered decompression treatments, which I had
never heard of. No surgery, or shots were involved. It sounded like a miracle to me. I called and made an appointment. My husband and I visited Dr. Nielsen the first of April. He showed us the decompression tables and gave me a treatment. After two and a half months of treatments I am now able to walk, drive a car and do things for myself.

This has been such a blessing and I will always be thankful. Dr. Nielsen has given me back my life.

Joe Ann, 77 years old
Woodward, Ok.

My daughter, Carla was diagnosed with Pseudo Tumor Cerebri at age 10 and since then she has undergone 25 or more spinal taps and two surgeries to have shunts placed to help eliminate headaches due to spinal fluid problems. After her last shunt surgery we thought everything was going to be okay, things were going great.

Then one day out of the blue she began having major headaches again. Several trips to the emergency room and visits with her regular physician and her neurologist and nothing seemed to help. They finally told us that we would have to keep her on pain medication to help with the headaches and there was nothing more they could do.

For a 15 year old this was a devastating blow. She plays on the high school basketball team and is a cheerleader and now is told she may not be able to do any of this due to the headaches. They told us she needed to loose some weight and that might help some but we were grasping at straws for anything that would help her to live a semi normal life. She had already missed over 10 days of school just in this semester and we had to do something.

With everything going on we decided to search the web for someone in the Woodward area that might be able to help with a weight loss program, hoping losing some weight would help the headaches. When we did Dr Dusty Nielsen’s name came up. It did not take any more searching as he had helped my husband before with a neck injury and we trusted him. So we made the call. Dr. Nielsen was optimistic that he could not only help us find a weight loss program, but he thought he might be able to help with the headaches. We went in that same week and started working with Dr. Nielsen and after just a few visits my daughter was able to go back to school. That was not the best part, the best part was she was free of pain medication and the headaches were gone. She has been going to Dr. Nielsen for a few weeks now and the headaches have not came back. If it were not for Dr. Nielsen my daughter would still be at home medicated with pain meds and still be in severe pain. We are thankful to him for everything he has done to help her get back to a semi-normal life.

Woodward, OK

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