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We are located at the corner of 15th & Oklahoma, on the east side of MidFirst Bank. The charge for the exam is $85 payable with cash or credit card only unless an account is already set up. A $42.50 fee will be assessed for appointments not cancelled at least 2 hours before scheduled time. We have an answering machine that messages can be left on. Provide your name and appointment time and day. Late arrivals will likely have to be rescheduled and a fee of $42.50 will be owed.

Things you need to know:

BRING YOUR DRIVER’s LICENSE and old DOT card, if you have one.

AVOID CAFFEINE & ENERGY DRINKS because we will be testing your blood pressure and your blood sugar levels. Some allergy medications can also affect these results.

A URINE SAMPLE is required. This is NOT a drug screen.

If you wear GLASSES or CONTACTS, bring them with you! If you have to leave to get your glasses you will be charged $30 when you come back for the extra time to do the vision check.

PRESCRIPTION MEDS : either BRING them or KNOW the medication name, dosage, how you take it, what it’s for, and the name of the prescribing doctor. If you cannot provide this information, you will be rescheduled. A $42.50 fee will apply for wasted appointment time.

You will be required to put on sweat pants and/or a gown for routine hernia checks. This will be provided for your use, or you have the option to bring your own.

If you have diabetes you will need an A1C done within the last month. If you have had a stint or other heart surgery, you may need test results or documentation from your cardiologist.

If you have to come back on a later date for a glucose check, blood pressure check, or vision check there will be a $30 charge. If you come back with information from another doctor and we give you a new card it will be a $5 charge for the card. The first card is included in the original $85 charge. Each additional card will be $5 to cover our expense of purchasing them.

Our office hours are Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:00 to 11:30 AM and 1:30 to 5:30 PM. Tuesday hours are 9:00 to 11:30 AM and Thursday hours are 8:00 to 11:30 AM. We are out of the office from 12:00 noon until 1:00 PM every day.

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.